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"Robotics Today - A series of technical talks" is a virtual robotics seminar series. The goal of the series is to bring the robotics community together during these challenging times. The seminars are scheduled on Fridays at 3PM EDT (12PM PDT) and are open to the public. The format of the seminar consists of a technical talk live captioned and streamed via Web and Twitter (@RoboticsSeminar), followed by an interactive discussion between the speaker and a panel of faculty, postdocs, and students that will moderate audience questions.

Stay up to date with upcoming seminars with the Robotics Today Google Calendar (or download the .ics file) and view past seminars on the Robotics Today Youtube Channel. And follow us on Twitter!

Upcoming Seminars

Robotics Today is on hiatus! Thanks for your attendance throughout the year! Please enjoy the previous talks, listed below, or check out the MIT Robotics Seminar and the Stanford AI Events Calendar.

Upcoming IFRR Colloquia

The International Foundation of Robotics Research (IFRR) is hosting a bi-weekly colloquia to "provide a platform for open discussion and interaction on diverse themes in robotics". For more information the colloquia and to see the past colloquia, please visit here. Below is the information on the upcoming colloquia!

A conversation on the Fundamental Challenges in Robotics

Date and time: July 1 at 2:00pm (PDT) / 5:00pm (EDT) / 11:00pm (CET)/ July 2 at 6:00am (JST)
Live Stream: Zoom Webinar
Live questions and discussion: Slido
Moderator: Tamim Asfour, Oussama Khatib
Speaker(s): Ruzena Bajcsy, Wolfram Burgard, Raja Chatila, Peter Corke, Paolo Dario, Sami Haddadin, David Hsu, Vijay Kumar, Cecilia Laschi, Yoshi Nakamura, Daniela Rus, Stefan Schaal

Abstract: On June 18, 2020, the International Foundation of Robotics Research (IFRR) launched The Robotics Global Colloquia, a series of online live events conceived as a platform for open discussion and interaction on diverse topics in robotics - from research and applications to social impact and ethical issues. In a year-long of 25 events, the Colloquia featured some of the major themes in the field, engaging the scientific and public communities across the globe. The upcoming First Anniversary Colloquium will bring together a group of distinguished researchers for a conversation on the future of the field and the fundamental challenges that lay ahead. The emphasis will be on robotics-centered challenges rather than general challenges, such as autonomous energy and other technologies addressed within other engineering disciplines.

Past Seminars

Videos of the recorded seminars will be posted about a week after the talk.